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Lice Shampoos Do Not Work

Lice Shampoos do not work.  I think when people  try them they learn  this pretty quickly.  There are lots of studies out now saying head lice have become resistant to lice shampoo.  These studies say ordinary lice  are resistant to pyrethrins and pyrethroids pesticides and are creating Super Lice.  This means you spend lots of money on lice shampoo multiply times and the lice
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3 Dangerous Head Lice Remedies

3 Dangerous Head Lice Remedies.  It is hard to believe in this day and age that people still use dangerous home head lice removal remedies.  I know when you hear head lice most moms are completely freaked out.  It is almost like a switch goes off and all they can see is RED and hear KILL KILL KILL!  Head lice removal does not have
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Lice and Selfies

Lice and Selfies.   Selfies are the cause of a new rise in lice infestations in adults.  Adults don’t get lice usually unless they have direct contact with an infected child.  Now with the rise of the Selfie craze adults better beware.  People get head lice from direct head to head contact with a person that already had a head lice infestation.  What do
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