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Lice – 4 tips to reduce the risk of getting Lice

I keep seeing all these articles that say 4 tips to reduce the risk of Head Lice.

These are their tips: My commentary

*Teach children to avoid having their heads come in contact with the heads of other children.

The problem with this tip is developmentally kids only know how to behave one way. That is with complete disregard for their bodies and with no personal space. In order stop kids from touching heads, or tackling each other or hugging or all the normal things kids do with each other we would have to do deep psychological damage. So not worth doing to keep from getting lice.

*Don’t let your child share hats, hair accessories, scarves, helmets, towels or any personal care items.

This one is OK but not really how kids get lice. Yes it is possible but sort of like winning the lottery to contract head lice from these object. Head Lice want to be on your head. If they are off the head they are dying within 24 hours. Their little talons(claws, hands?) have the ability to lock around the shaft of the hair. That is why they don’t come off in the shower or in a pool. Crafty little buggers! So the fear of getting from sharing everything is over rated. Healthy caution but not worth freaking out about or over cleaning.

*Don’t allow your child to lie on pillows, carpeting or bedding that has recently been exposed to someone with lice.

Again good common sense advice but not worth dying on your sword about. I wouldn’t want to have my kids in a house with a recent(day it is found) infestation anyway. All those things are easily cared for if there is a recent infestation. Dryer for 30 minutes for pillows and bedding and vacuuming for the carpet.

*If your family has been exposed to lice, check each member of the family every few days. Promptly treat any nits (eggs) or lice that are found.

Good advice but how do you check? Most people are only looking for the white nits/eggs. You can be infested without having those. The white nits have already hatched. The nits that camouflage to the color of the hair is what you need to find. Very hard to do if you have a early infestation.

My best tip is invest in a good metal lice comb and comb your kidlets at least once a month. If you have been exposed get a professional lice check. It is well worth the peace of mind of you and those of the parents around you. You don’t want to be the Mom that missed it and re-infested everyone.

Keep Combing!
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